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What i like about this program was that first they gave us some theoretical knowledge and also taught us to imply it practically and meeting an actual entrepreneur and getting to know their ups and down gave us a good insight

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Sudhanshu Somani
Class 11

I really like the Young Entrepreneur Program. I joined this programme to explore the field of entrepreneurship. It was inspiring to hear from a young entrepreneur in every class. Working in teams on a project was one part which I loved the most. Apart from learning the theoretical knowledge, we were expected to work on a project and pitch the idea which somewhat gave us a practical experience of what entrepreneurship is. All the teachers were highly supportive which made the programme even better.

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Vasvi Aggarwal
Year 1

The reason I enrolled for this course was to accept the change in my mindset that I need to make in the journey of being an entrepreneur. The course did it very well. I learned many new things and identified the change in my thought process. The best part is the exposure. I never thought that I would be able to pitch my idea to an angel investor. That's the biggest exposure, that too under guidance of Rishab sir. I also am very fortunate to have my idea in the top 5. Thank you iDX for this opportunity. Guys, I would recommend everyone to enroll with them to be better in skills and thinking.

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Mihir Shah
Year 2

This program was really good. It hepled me to improve my teamwork skill and I also learned about finances, building up a business and I'm in class IX so, beside scuence now I have thought to take commerce stream and continue my life as an entrepreneur. Sometimes I couldn't follow but with the help of teamates and the teachers it helped me clear my doubts!

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Harshita Gupta
Class 9

I liked the way our instructor taught us how to think differently, unique, and innovative in a situation. I would recommend this to all of my friends or/and young students as I believe it somehow tells us to make an effort and use our brains creatively and gives us the confidence to speak our ideas/thoughts out.

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Class 8

Yes i really learnt from this program i was an total introvert with an enterpreneur mind but this program helped me being an extrovert and work with a team as a team.

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Hetansh manoj mehta
Class 12

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Leander Dlima
Class - 11

I loved the way this course was organized, and the way everything was presented made it very interesting to learn in this program. It definitely helped me to get an idea for a startup and a real life experience of actually making it work, with a team. And I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who has thought of being an entrepreneur, as there is no other place than iDX for a full real life experience of how business actually works.

Palak Badlani
Class - 12

What I liked this course is, it was not just one hearing lecture; it was fun, knowledgable, and interactive. It helped me boost my confidence by accepting myself the way I am. And yes, most importantly, now I feel pretty confident facing interviews, accepting opportunities to have new life experiences. I would surely recommend young students to go for this course for an overall personality upliftment.

Anmol Deepak Kumar
Class - 12

This program helped me in ways I could never imagine. Ma'am taught us well in detail. The course was easy to understand and taught me how to answer personal interview questions and how to excel in group discussions. The QnA in every class helped solve all my doubts and queries. I would recommend this program to students who want to remove their doubts about themselves and fears of personal interviews and also to get an edge over others in group discussions.

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