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About Me

Vinita Johorey is an Educator, Mentor & Counsellor. After working in Sales, Development and HR for over fifteen years, she started working on her own, both as a counsellor and as a teacher through her coveted Thinking and Articulation Classes, in 2011. In these ten years, she has had the privilege of working with companies and individuals in the areas of Critical Thinking, GD and Personal interview Training, One on One Coaching and Communication Skills. In addition to the above, she enable young adults to write Personal Essays and Statements of Purpose.

Education Background

Masters-Delhi University | Certified Behavioral Counsellor and Family Therapist | MBTI Certified

Professional Background

Working as a free-lancer in the space of Corporate Mentoring and Training (have worked with Renew Power, Savill’s, Foxymoron and IIM-Bangalore to name a few). In addition, have worked with tens of children in the space of Articulation and Thought Preparedness and continue to do so.

Had worked with NIIT, ITC, HDFC Bank and Concern India Foundation prior to setting up on her own.

Vinita Johorey

Vinita Johorey is an Educator, Mentor & Counsellor

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Group Discussions & Interview Preparation
The intent of this course is to make interviews and group discussions accessible and less intimidating
10 Lectures
10 Hours

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